Car Dealerships (“CD”)who have an extensive data base of clients that typically only buy cars from them can sign up to the website and sell supplementary products trough the Auto Sales Mate Platform (“AP”).  The  AP does all the work for the CD and allows the CD to make a lucrative commission including trailing commissions on financial products such as insurance. The CDs will upload their database onto the platform and then choose a campaign to go out to ther clients.

The steps are:

1. Sign up
2. Choose the Product
3. Choose the Campaign
4. Choose Template (1-3)
5. Upload the Database
6. Start the Campaign

The system will then automatically run that Campaign with the chosen text (3 different templates) to the CDs.

Referrals (“REF or REFs”) are individuals or companies that refer CDs to the platform. A REF that introduces a CD to the platform will be renumerated via a commission structure  that is available when the REF signs up on the platform.